THE GATEWAY is an excellence driven Christian-Faith community passionately committed to raising spiritually matured men and women to have and become a voice in their industry and chosen field of play
Roman’s 12:2, Deuteronomy 28:1,13


We believe according to Deuteronomy 28:13 that it is never in God’s plan for the believer to get lost in the crowd neither is it God’s intention for the believer to be anywhere else but at the top. The believer is meant to be above only, never beneath or in the middle. God has not made any provision for you to be among the so-called masses. Everything we preach and teach in THE GATEWAY is focused on bringing the believer to this awareness and reality. You are created to dominate and lead your sphere of influence, settling for anything less is living below your redemptive potential


Commitment – To be committed is to bind yourself to a cause or vision and give yourself completely to it. We believe it is impossible to achieve anything significant without commitment. Committed people make themselves available and assume personal responsibility for the outcomes of everything that is committed to their trust
Accountability – To be accountable is to consistently give a detailed analysis of your responsibility per time before being asked. We believe where there’s no accountability people fall into avoidable errors. In THE GATEWAY we believe and value accountability to God and the people He has placed in our lives especially authority figures
Relationships – We believe nothing of value and significance has ever been achieved alone and will never be achieved alone. No one can succeed and live a whole life without some form of human support structure. Behind every notable advancement, there are closely knitted individuals, that’s why we value relationships in THE GATEWAY. There are no self made men, there are only men who have refused to acknowledge the input of others
Excellence – We value excellence in THE GATEWAY because it honors God and inspires people. Excellence is a journey and not a destination, it is achieving the highest standard possible with the resources available per time. Excellence is going beyond the call of duty and constantly doing more than what is required of you
Everything we do in THE GATEWAY is focused on Changing Lives and Raising Leader Labels in every industry and field of play
The focus of the Singles & Married Hangout which holds every second Sunday of the month is focused on teaching practical Bible based principles and values for selecting the right life partner and building lasting and successful God-honoring relationships and marriages
This is a quarterly seminar hosted in different locations. The focus of the Breakthrough Meeting is to equip and empower every participant with Biblical tools and strategies for moving from where they are to where they want to be in life, business, career and finance
Give a man fish and you feed him for a day,  teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. THE GATEWAY LEARNINGS focuses on equipping people of all age groups with life skills for financial independence