“Going to the experts is expensive. Very expensive.But it is infinitely cheaper than experience”

  • Robert G. Allen



I strongly believe it is better to be a fool among the wise rather than be the only wise man among fools. The reason most people have poor results and fail consistently in life is because they have refused to go to the experts in their fields for wisdom. They are just satisfied with their ignorance. Your results in life will be directly proportional to the results of those whose advice you seek. In every field and area of life, there are people who have gone ahead of you, people who have learnt all the lessons that you need to learn and achieved outstanding success. If you want to attain their level of success the smartest thing to do is find out what they did, and do the same things. If you do what successful people do you will inevitably get the results successful people get. Your level of success will be greatly limited if you don’t have mentors. Mentors are role models; people you look up to in specific areas of life because they have achieved what you want to achieve. Nothing could be more devastating than being in the same room with greatness without asking a single question on how to achieve greatness. Don’t be afraid or shy of asking questions.

Truly successful people are more willing to share their knowledge, wisdom and experiences with you more than you can imagine. Ask and you will receive. Anyone who tries to succeed without engaging the help and counsel of mentors in his field of profession will experience many failures and inevitable frustrations. “In the multitude of counsel”, King Solomon said, “there is safety”. Mentors are ladders that you climb to go higher. The best way to see farther than your contemporaries and those who have gone ahead of you is to stand on the shoulders of those who have gone ahead of you. Those who don’t have mentors will suffer the horrors of tormentors. You need a mentor in every area of your life in which you desire peak performance and outstanding success.

A mentor is someone who has been to where you dream of getting someday. A mentor is someone who is currently living in the reality of your dreams. Mentors are ladders we climb to see farther than our contemporaries; the shoulders will stand on to see beyond the horizon. Don’t be overwhelmed or discouraged by the success of those who have gone ahead of you rather let their success inspire you to create the life of your own dreams. The evolution of your mentor is the revelation of your future. It is wiser to follow the path and footsteps of those ahead of you rather than trying to create a brand new path for yourself. There is nothing new under the sun. There is nothing you want to do that someone somewhere has not done something similar. You do not have a spare life, you’ve got only one life to live, don’t waste it trying to re-invent the wheel. Most things in existence in our world today came as a result of following the footsteps of pathfinders.

Today we fly around the world in the Airbus and Boeing airplanes. But the Airbus and Boeing is only an innovation not an invention. The Wright brothers – Orville and Wilbur – invented the first airplane and everyone in the aviation industry followed their path; through mentoring. Alexander Graham Bell innovated the telephone, but today we are not using the same phone he invented. Mentoring makes the road to success smoother and faster. This is one of the greatest success strategies of all ages. If you are smart, you will follow the wise ones.

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