“If a man empties his purse into his head, no one can take it away from him. An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest” – Benjamin Franklin

Man’s greatness enemy has always been ignorance. Nothing kills and destroys like ignorance. We are living in the best time in the history of mankind. In this Information Age where everyone with just one click of a button has access to over four billion pages of information on the Internet; no one has the right to be ignorant. Any form of ignorance in today’s world is self-inflicted. One of the things I still find amazing is why most people spend hours of their time every day watching musical channels and home videos rather than invest such time reading a book.

The quality of your future will be determined by the quality and quantity of information at your disposal. Only through knowledge, will the just be delivered. You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free. The reason so many people are still bound and held captive financially, emotionally and spiritually is because they are too ignorant in such areas. It is suicidal to be ignorant in this age and time. Information doubles on the earth today at a mind numbing rate, therefore if you are not learning something new everyday, you have given the world the right to leave you behind. The only way to create a gap between you and the mammoth crowd of life competitors is to do an outstanding job with information. Employ your time in improving yourself by other men’s writings, so that you can gain easily what others have labored for.

Every time you buy and read a book, you are buying the author’s life and experiences because you can learn in few hours what took him or her decades of pain to learn. You can get ahead of your competitors by simply being a snitch reader. Invest the time others waste standing in a queue and siting in the bus reading a book. I once read the story of a middle-aged banking executive who had a problem with his car. Oblivious of what was wrong, he called a road side mechanic to help fix his car. After attempting to start the engine without success, the mechanic opened the bonnet, picked up a stone and gave the battery terminals a couple of knocks. He got into the car and turned on the engine. Bingo! The car roared back to life. Out of courtesy, the young executive asked the mechanic how much the service would cost. To his amazement, the mechanic replied “N1, 250!” Not wanting to be outsmarted by a road side mechanic, the young executive requested for a bill showing the breakdown. With all pleasure, the mechanic wrote out the bill; N250 for knocking and N1, 000 for knowing what to knock. The N1, 000 was the cost of the car owner’s ignorance.

The moral is, in life, you will inevitably pay for your ignorance. In the long run ignorance will cost you more than knowledge, most especially in terms of pain and regret. Make continuous learning your life’s obsession. If you think education – through continuous learning – is expensive, try ignorance. The next time you visit a bookshop and you see the price lists of the books don’t ask “is it worth it?” rather ask yourself “am I worth it?”

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